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We are Itsabear Farms!

It has taken us a moment to get our blog up and running because of, well... you know. Life! So let us introduce ourselves and tell you how we got started.

The faces behind Itsabear Farms are Cortny, Scot, and all the fur babies. The real legend

behind Itsabear Farms though is our queen dog Mango. Mango is a German Shepard Husky mix who recently turned 7 years old. We often call her “Mango Bear” or “Bear” because of her size. It also helps her confidence level during a thunderstorm! Itsabear Farms started one day sitting in the kitchen dreaming about creating a small farm and what the name could be. Mango walked in, and we pointed at her saying “It’s a bear!”.

Aaaahhh! At that moment, Itsabear Farms was created, and her face became famous!

Our mission behind Itsabear Farms is to share the love of education and the outdoors

without barriers to accessibility. We are centered around cultivating community, education, skill share, and enjoyment. Our work is grounded on the life-giving qualities of the land, and a community model of cooperation and local self-sufficiency. It is our hopes to provide you with seasonal fresh produce, home-grown flowers, family-centered workshops, and seasonal outdoor yoga and wellness classes. Most of all we hope to foster local community and create space for you to be present. To share your knowledge and learn from others or to learn about all the beautiful things in your very own backyard.

We hope you join us on the farm!

Cortny + Scot



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